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The way we work is rapidly changing. Digitalisation is facilitating a shift towards remote working and greater flexibility – and this trend has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, many companies are keen to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other smart technologies to transform, standardise, optimise and automate various Human Resources processes, from recruitment and employer branding, to performance analytics, payroll and legal compliance. These developments are driving huge growth in the HR Tech industry.

HR TRANSLATORS | Englisch-Übersetzungsdienst | HR-Tech
HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation - HR Tech & Personnel Software

At HR TRANSLATORS, we help providers of innovative HR technology and software to make the most of the exciting opportunities in this field. With us, your German Human Resources translations are in the safe hands of highly qualified and experienced mother-tongue translators who combine outstanding translation skills with extensive knowledge of HR terminology and concepts.


So, whether you need to localise your software GUI for German users, translate instructions and product info for German readers, or adapt your marketing texts for German-speaking audiences – with HR TRANSLATORS, you can rest assured that your German HR Tech translations will be completed to the highest standardon time and on budget.

Our Human Resources translation services are available from English into German and from German into English.

HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation For The Human Resources Industry

All types of HR Technology texts, including...

■  Apps and websites

■  Blog posts and articles

■  Case studies and use cases

■  Corporate communications

■  Instructions, user guides and manuals

■  LinkedIn profiles

■  Marketing and advertising texts

■  Social media content

■  SAP documents

■  Software GUI and strings

■  Promotional videos

■  Training videos

HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation For The Human Resources Industry

Guaranteed quality & free trial translation

All of our German HR Tech translations are subjected to a strict, multi-stage quality control process for guaranteed results and 100% satisfaction on every project. 


In addition, to offer you an insight into the quality of our translations and our service, we’ll be happy to translate an extract of your text completely free of charge and with no obligation to order.


Contact us to discuss your specific translation requirements or to request a quick quote for your German Human Resources translation project – we look forward to hearing from you!

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