HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation - Recruitment & Hiring Texts

German Human Resources Translation
Recruitment & Employer Branding

Sourcing and attracting the best talent is crucial to the success of any business. When targeting German-speaking candidates, you therefore need to be sure that the translated versions of your carefully crafted recruitment texts are just as engaging and persuasive as the originals – and that the essence of your employer brand doesn’t get lost in translation, be it in job ads, on recruitment sites or in social media content.


HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation - Recruitment & Hiring Texts
HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation - Recruitment & Hiring Texts

With HR TRANSLATORS, your German recruitment and employer branding translations are in the safe hands of highly qualified and experienced mother-tongue translators who combine extensive knowledge of HR terminology and concepts with excellent transcreation skills. So, whether you’re a personnel department looking to hire German-speaking staff, or you’re a recruitment agency sourcing candidates on behalf of your clients – our translators will ensure that your German recruitment translations are on-brand, technically precise and culturally adapted to the target audience.

Of course, we also translate all other important documents and texts that are needed for the recruitment and hiring process. Our Human Resources translation services are available from English into German and from German into English.

HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation For The Human Resources Industry

All types of Recruitment & Employer Branding texts, including...

■  Blogs and articles

■  CVs, cover letters, references

■  Employee testimonials

■  Employment contracts

■  Interview scripts

■  Induction and onboarding information

■  Job ads and vacancies

■  Job specifications/descriptions

■  Job websites and apps

■  LinkedIn profiles

■  Recruitment videos

■  Social media content

HR TRANSLATORS - German Translation For The Human Resources Industry

Committed to quality

HR TRANSLATORS is a specialist division of B&M Translation Services. As an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a network member of the European Union Association of Translation Companies (EUATC), B&M has undergone rigorous background and reference checks to confirm our operational viability and our commitment to quality management practices. As part of this, we also adhere to the ATC’s strict Code of Professional Conduct, which is based on the values of excellence, integrity, professionalism, accountability and fairness.

At the same time, all of our German translations are subjected to our own internal multi-stage quality control process for guaranteed results and 100% satisfaction on every project. 

Contact us to discuss your specific translation requirements or to request a free quote for your German HR translation project – we look forward to hearing from you!